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Laboratory Services


we provide the private and public sectors with reliable, unbiased, precise and accurate water testing results in a timely manner.


we provide independent and rapid assessment services for asbestos.  We can assist with advice, testing and supervision and management plans for asbestos removal or control.  This work is carried out by professionally qualified consultants who are trained and experienced in asbestos work.  Our fibre identification service includes the analysis of materials to determine type and extent of asbestos present. In addition to our laboratory services, we carry out on-site monitoring for asbestos fibres in accordance with the  industry accepted methods.  We have a large quantity of air monitoring equipment and can handle large or small projects.


Mould is common in all types of building, particularly in autumn and winter. But it is easily controlled by improving ventilation and insulation and drying wet surfaces.  But if mould has already begun to grow, it needs expert attention to ensure that the mould’s root system and active spores are removed..


Our highly trained staff consists of trained and certified professionals. No matter what size lead project, we can successfully site mobilize within your time requirements (days, nights, weekends), It is not recommended to live or spend extensive time in an environment that has lead containing materials. Lead paint becomes hazardous when it is deteriorated or disturbed. Intact lead paint is not a hazard. However when sun, water, age, or maintenance work damages the paint, contaminated dust and chips can be created. Lead can enter the body when adults or children inhale or ingest lead dust, fumes, particles or chips. This can be:

  • In the air, soil, or water
  • On objects like tools or toys
  • On surfaces like floors or counters
  • On food, drink, or cigarettes

we offer lead assessments and anaylysis, as well as onsite occupational lead air sampling to determine level or worker exposure.

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We are a safety-conscious, Canadian owned and operated multidisciplinary consulting firm focusing on ecologically-based service. We offer complete range of services including all aspects of indoor air quality; hazardous and occupational hygiene services.

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